References from some of Alwyn's clients:
"Hey bro, just wanted to say happy holidays and have an awesome new year. Working with you in the studio was without doubt one of my best experiences ever and your talent in comparison to any other producer is unmeasurable man! Look forward to working again in future :) peace!" - Sam Killeen, Oak Hollow
"Al, it's Gav. That EP. My f****** ****. It's ridiculous. I'm glad you listened to the points i had and implemented them. You're an amazing producer and need more recognition." - Gav, Leaders of Men
"Alwyn was fantastic to work with, it was an absolute pleasure for us. He is incredibly patient and got us the huge sound that we had only dreamed of. We can't wait to work with him again." - Stephen Walker, Saccade (Reekus Records)

"I couldn't recommend working with Alwyn more! Professionalism, patience and creative input are all on offer when you're in the studio with him." - Ian O'Doherty (Fat Of The Land Records)

“Alwyn embodies what every musician hopes to find in their ideal producer: someone who gets the absolute best performance out of them and has the experience and ears to take their songs to the next level. We are constantly amazed by and hugely appreciative of Alwyn’s work ethic, his drive and professionalism, nobody will worker harder and give it their all for your songs than this producer extraordinaire." - Paul Shields, Chosen

"As well as being great fun to work with, Alwyn doesn't let you away with giving anything less than your best. Not only that, but he helps you deliver it. Can't wait to record our next CD with him - and we're not even finished this one yet!" - Stillpoint


"Alwyn helped us grow as a band and taught us a lot about the nature of recording in a studio" - Dirty Kansas


"Alwyn Walker doesn't just work with you in the studio, he takes you on from day one, he prepares you, he pushes you and he makes you sound exactly how you want to sound, he was blessed with ears that miss nothing and hear the potential in the most minute parts. He makes you do your best and he produces the best. His knowledge is only exceeded by his talent, and he loves and lives what he does! I know I'm a better musician from the time I have spent with him, and I learn from him every time I am in his company!" - Claire, Dead Label (Rising Records)


"Only when Alwyn asked us to look did we really dissect our own music. It's given us a whole new light on writing." - Ollie Deegan, McGalligog



“His creative input took our songs to places we hadn't even thought about”- Coldtrigger


"Alwyn took a genuine interest in our songs and his creative input was invaluable in achieving the sound we wanted" - Super Hanz


"One of the u.k.'s best producers, very willing to go the extra yard to get the sound you want.” - Gama Bomb (Earache Records)

"…intimidatingly good at what he does! …went way beyond everything we could have hoped for, the best! - Djinn

"You have done us proud with this album- it sounds excellent and you really helped get the best out of us!" - Rigger

Music Press Reviews: <needs updated alwyn>

Glyder - Playground for Life (Producer - 2007)

“An album of great songs, great performances and, most importantly, great spirit”

Metal Hammer 8/10

“The production at times is almost cinematic, allowing the band to present fully formed their impressive musical vision.”

Nightwatcher (

“an opus with a very tidy production" - 18/20 - Thibault
“The production is really well done" - 14/20 - Florent P

“An album of the year and then some!”

4.5/5 Jason Ritchie –

“A solid twin guitar attack ripping out the harmonies with aplomb and more swagger than Clint Eastwood, they are the Thin Lizzy to the Answer’s Zeppelin”

Classic Rock Magazine 7/10

"Theres a reason they call it classic rock and the riffs of opener "Gamblers Blues" and the eerie atmospherics of the title track are just two examples of how songwriting will always outlive trends"

Rock Sound Magazine 7/10

"....timelessly warm and soulful rock music. Glyders second album is charming melodic rock with a twist of emerald glittering in its rocky seams"

Kerrang KKK

“Playground for Life expands [Glyder’s] musical horizons even further...”

Guitarist Magazine

Album of the Month

Rock Hard (France)

Furlo – Signature (Producer - 2008)

“such is the quality of the songwriting, playing and, most noticeably, the punchy, clear production”
Chris Jones – AU magazine


Gama Bomb - Survival of the Fastest (Engineer - 2005)

“A modern Thrash Classic”

Terrorizer 9/10 (Ian Webster)

“They have improved in virtually every aspect and aided by a very healthy production”

Visionary – - 83%


For Ruin - Last Light (Producer - 2009)

“hits all the right buttons”
Terrorizer (James Minton)

“a wholly committed, wide-open work of fully forged beauty”

Metal Hammer (Jonathan Selzer)

Atheos - The Death of Utopia (Producer - 2009)

"They've got personality and a tone of their own in abundance. This debut has just the right level of technical verve, and more importantly, the kind of heaviness that really makes real DM worth it. ...boasting not only total confidence, but a perfect production and razor sharp technique. ... a cd that easily rivals the best DM across the Irish sea at present. ...this EP competes with the best of what's going on the UK, death metal wise. This wipes the floor with alot of it"

Ciaran Tracey ( 4.4/5


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