Working with Alwyn as producer: 

- Alwyn will ask for demos

- Preproduction (song choice, structure, dynamics, arrangement)

- Performance Coaching

- Alwyn adding parts (negotiable)

- Editing / Tuning

- Engineering & Mixing (pro tools + analog desk + outboard)

- Alternate mixes & radioe edits

- For mastering Alwyn recommends MSB Mastering




Alwyn discussing how the production will translate to the live show


Favourite studio gear:

AMS DMX/RMX, Coles 4038 Ribbon Mics, B&K 4006, Neumanns, analog tape delays, SSL E series preamps, new guitar strings and his valve amp collection.



There are many aspects of music that Alwyn enjoys but what speaks to him best is impact, soundscapes, hypnotic beats and heartfelt vocal performances.




Alwyn's Backgound:

Alwyn has played guitar in a few bands over the years but ultimately is happiest playing a mixing desk than a guitar on stage.
He's also no stranger to live sound, having done Front of House in the Belfast's Ulster Hall and Dublin's Olympia Theatre among many other venues.

He studied sound engineering in Liverpool's prestigious Instititute for Performing Arts (LIPA) and during this time also assisted in Liverpool's large commercial studios like The Motor Museum and Highfield Street Studios.
Alwyn has a lot of experience recording large ensembles such as choirs and brass bands in various acoustics including cathedrals and churches, as he was a founding member of the long established mobile recording company Komodo Recordings International, which is now run by his brother (and MSB Mastering engineer) Darrell Walker.



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